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  • OUR MISSION Manufacturing high quality sealing and thermal insulation products, to secure life safety. OUR VISION From creative manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, Forge Famous Brand of Chinese Industry.     OUR VALUE
  • Mica Sheet: Description: Mica Sheet, are made of expanded mineral mica and bi-soluble fibres, reinforced with a tanged stainless steel foil. The main feature is the high thermal resistance and the use in oxidizing environments, to replace expanded graphite. Depending on application, the correct mica sheet for an application depends on the material: Muscovite, or Phlogopite.  Depending on the level of heat resistance needed, the thickness of mica sheet will also vary. It can be ordered in various sizes and different degrees of smoothness based on the needs of the customer. Descripción: Hoja de mica, hecha de mica mineral expandida y fibra disuelta, reforzada con láminas de acero inoxidable recortadas. Se caracteriza por una alta resistencia al calor y se puede utilizar en el ambiente de oxidación para reemplazar el grafito expandido. Dependiendo de la aplicación, la mica correcta para la aplicación depende del material: moscovita o mica dorada. Dependiendo del grado de resistencia al ca...
  • SUNPASS PTFE Mesh Belts are innovative and highly efficient conveyor belts that are widely used in various industries. These belts are made of premium quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) material that is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and high temperatures. PTFE Mesh Belts are a versatile and reliable solution for numerous applications across various industries. Their superior features and capabilities make them an essential component of any production process.