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1.TOP SEALING TEXTURIZED FIBERGLASS TAPE is fabricated from high quality texturized C glass or E glass fiber yarns that will not burn and will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 1000°F / 520°C.
2.Texturized fiberglass tape resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents.
3.Texturized fiberglass tape is an excellent substitute for asbestos tape.
4.Texturized fiberglass tape can be regarded as a complete binding solution as they have high tensile strength and reinforcing quality. 5.Texturized fiberglass tape are highly recommended for electrical mending.


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Product Details

Description\Item E-Glass C-Glass
Chemical Composition SiO2  58-63% 64-68%
CaO 21-23% 11-15%
Al2O3 10-13% 3-5%
MgO 2-4% 4-6%
B2O3 - 0-6%
Chemical Resistance-14mm fiber; % weight loss after 1 hr boil in H2O 0.2 0.13
1.04 NH2SO4 0 0.1
0.1 NaOH 0.2-0.6 2.28
Temperature Softening Point  892℃/1635℉ 748℃/1380℉
Coefficient of thermal expansion-in/in/ °F x 10-7 2℃/29℉ 5℃/40℉
Specific Gravity (bare fiber) 2.63 2.49
Pristine Tensile Strength, psi 510,000 400,000

More Styles

Application Data
Comparison Vision
Description\Style No. 3700 3700AL 3700HT 3700G 3700AD 3700S 3700V
Coating & Treatment - Aluminum Foil Heat Treat Graphite Self-Adhesive Silicone Vermiculite
Colour White Silvery Tan Black White Red Grey
Coating Thickness English 0.28mil/0.7mil/0.98mil
Metric 7micron/18micron/25micron
Weave Plain
Density  English 18-52oz/y2
Metric 650-1800g/m2
Thickness English 0.03-0.24inch
Metric 0.8mm to 6mm
Width English 0.40-8inch
Metric 10-200mm

All types of thermal insulation and heat protection provide protection of industrial wires, cables, hoses, tube and pipe and also provide thermal insulation and personnel protection. Also used as a gasket or seal.  

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Professional Manufacturer

SUNPASS SEALING i a leading manufacturer in Sealing and Insulation in China. Production & Service 7*24 . Sunpass is a famous Chinese brand and TEXTURIZED FIBERGLASS TAPE suppliers known by the world since 2000.

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