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Tenglong Expanded PTFE Sheet made from 100% PTFE, developed by a highly specific treatment of PTFE Fluorocarbon. It has a high tensile strength, flexibility, hardness, chemical and thermal resistance, making it an excellent material for gasket seals in the most extreme conditions. The product has an unlimited shelf life and will not become brittle, age or otherwise deteriorate in the application.


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Product Details

Property Unite Nominal Value
Density g/cm3 0.65-0.95
Compressibility % 45
Recovery % 15
Length Tensile Strength  Mpa 17
Cross Tensile Strength  Mpa 27
Compressive Strength  Mpa 14.7
Max Compressive Strength  Mpa 20
pH Limit - 0-14
Specific Gravity  - 0.85 ± 0.04

More Styles

Application Data
Comparison Vision
Property Description Value
English Metric
Temperature Minimum -320°F -196℃
Maximum 600°F 315℃
Color White - -
General Size  Thickness 0.02-0.3 inch 0.4-8 mm
Sheet Size A
Width: 50' ( 1270mm)
50' X 150' (1270mm X 3810mm)
50' X 50'   (1270mm X 3810mm)
Sheet Size B
Width: 60' ( 1500mm)
60' X 160' (1500mm X 4100mm)
60' X 80'   (1500mm X 2000mm)
60' X 53'   (1500mm X 1350mm)
60' X 40'   (1500mm X 1000mm)
60' X 180' (1500mm X 4600mm)
60' X 120' (1500mm X 3000mm)
60' X 60'   (1500mm X 1500mm)
Sheet Size C
Width: 100'( 2700mm)
106' X 150'   (2700mm X 3810mm)

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