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The Spanish Customer Ordered 2000MTR Heat Treated Fire Blanket From TOP-SEALING.

TOP-SEALING Heat Treated Fire Blanket  is produced by twisted yarn, with heat treated. Organics burn out during heat treatment with high flexibility and minimal shrinkage for use in environments where smoking is not permitted. Mainly used in aviation, shipbuilding, oil exploration and other projects.



1.It can be used in Fire protection

2.Insulation mattress or jacket cover material

3.Welding spark protection blankets or curtains, plumbers pads

4.Resistant to chemical corrosion,Corrosion resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents

Applicable Working Medium:

1.Used at 1000degree F/ 537degree C continuous

2.Heat treatment to burn out organic i.e. starch or silane on fabrics

3.Used in places where no smokes allowed

4.A high-performance very high temperature fabric, used in almost all industries for heat protection.



2.High product value

3.Remains flexible at high temperatures

4.Maintains high tensile strength at elevated temperatures.


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