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TOP SEALING PTFE FILLER for spiral wound gasket is made by special process of pure PTFE materials. It has good flexibility, compression resilience, creep resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, self-lubrication. Sealing performance is outstanding, easy install and use, it is the best ideal sealing material for chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries.


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1. All kinds of lining enamel, glass lining, plastic lining, rubber lining, graphite lining and stainless steel, titanium steel tower, heat exchanger, on the surface of the flange, such as reactor sealed
2. Flange sealing of various kinds of pipe and pipe fittings.
3. Surface machining accuracy is poorer, uneven area is larger, irregular shape, difficult to use the foot bolt fastening force or should not be too large diameter flange sealing equipment.
4. Strong corrosive medium and can't be the slightest contamination of fluid sealing.

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Application Data
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Performance Unit Data
PTFE Content % 100
Temperature C 280
PH -------------- 0-14
Density -------------- 1.1-1.3
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥5.0
Elongation % <120
Evaporation Rate % <1.0
Thickness  MM 0.6~1.0
Width MM 5.7~6.0mm for 4.5mm
3.9~4.3mm for 3.2mm

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SUNPASS SEALING i a leading manufacturer in Sealing and Insulation in China. Production & Service 7*24 . Sunpass is a famous Chinese brand and PTFE FILLER suppliers known by the world since 2000.

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